Thursday, January 10, 2013

SILVER WDB... Gold is good but Silver better :)


hi semua :)

Jom kita kaji-kaji SILVER dari WDB..

Its really connect to my topic today.. Gold is good but silver better...

Yes everybody will say Gold is good. Like in the previous entry D hope that you guys still can remember i told you that WDB is first company in Malaysia which really focus on silver  as our intelligent saving and its OFFER AN INNOVATIVE PROFIT SHARING PLAN to us... Ya Allah.. Ya Allah...OMG OMG OMG.. siapa nak bagi kita guys?? bank??? no they will use our money invest and just give us only 3-5 %.. but WDB!!!! jengjeng  14-18% and more more more.. Ya Allah does its THE BEST intelligent savings??? ok guys you think on it yea :)

As now 1 gold = 54 silver (same gsm yea 29.75), from here we will say that Gold is more value from silver.. yes or not??? answer me.. Yeala untungkan.. 1 gold = 54 silver.. tinggi nilainya..

But how about if the price just increase with 0.10cent.. what is the exactly value we will have?? silver more value or gold??.. so if you smart which will you choose? Silver or Gold? During jualan murah will you buy harga mahal or harga murah to get better value??? you answer in your heart :)

As we do understand demand on silver is really-really undetectable... all our gadgets, from telephones, all electronics equipment, houses equipment all need silver... eventhough bagi kita yang menampal gigi juga menggunakn silver :) so its shows how is market demand to have more silver... in these situation shows us on silver (the value on it).. and ladies we need to know that dalam barang kemas kita pun ada cairan silver to ikat each molekul before jadi barang perhiasan. how its show us the DEMAND on SILVER.. BETTER right??? Demand tinggi VALUE pun lebih-lebih tinggi.. means $$ berganda lebih dari apa yang kita jangkaukan. Awesome right?

The World is running out of silver and is getting more rare than gold. The 'laws of supply and demand' dictates that silver could be more expensive than gold.

Lets we talk about how Dirham/Dinar can help us to avoid inflation, in WDB its share and show you everything.. inflasi berlaku every second guys.. samada kita tidur, makan, memandu, mandi atau segala bagai pekerjaan yang kita lakukan. its about $$ kaching-kaching.. its about 5%-6%... but most investors will say its about 8% inflation all around.. they believe on it. quoted from WDB founder Reymee Hussein.

If 1400 years ago, 1 dirham we can buy 1 whole chicken and 1 dinar you can buy 1 whole goat.. lets see what will happen in the feature time.. is it remain the same?

ok here you go!!!

its show that despite 1400 years, using REAL money (silver and gold), a chicken and a goat cost the same!!

It isnt a coincidence that despite 1400 years passing by, the cost of buying the almost exact items cost the SAME! This breaks conventional wisdom! How can this be true?? 

It is simple. The reason why things really costs the same is because, both the gold and silver and the chicken and the goat is the same. Neither has essentially changed! The only reason why we think it should cost more is because of the man made phenomenon of inflation.

This is the reason why things get more expensive year after year!...

So buy silver now and wait for it :)...

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