Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mommy start  drink the innershine prune essence again after few months stop... haiyo mommy hope u will not stop again....:) feel more tenaga n she love it... mommy also gonna b busy with her work and will come in back late nite.. pity mommy but i know mommy is a strong besarkan i n i hope mommy happy with her life. LOVE U mommy :) from your son.... muhhhhh

MATI .....

Ingatlah kata-kata ulama terbilang masa kini Dr. Yusuf Qardawi:
sesungguhnya dalam kehidupan ini ada manusia yang mati sebelum datang ajalnya, kerana masa yang ada dalam kehidupannya itu sama sekali tidak memberikan manfaat dan faedah samada bagi dirinya ataupun orang lain, sementara itu ada manusia-manusia yang terus hidup meskipun ajalnya telah sampai menjemput, kerana masa yang ada dalam hidupnya berjaya digunakan untuk melakukan perkara-perkara yang berfaedah sama ada untuk dirinya atau masyarakat ramai berupa warisan ilmu pengetahuan, anak-anak soleh atau para murid yang bertaburan di pelbagai tempat untuk melanjutkan misi perjuangan atas dunia ini. Perjuangan yang berlanjutan itu menjadikan seolah-olah ia masih hidup dan bergerak dibuka bumi, meskipun jasadnya sudah lama dikandung tanah”.

Friday, March 25, 2011

BAD one is it really???

B bad... should u or shouldnt u???

Something fishy... but its all scenerio rite... people out there always think bad person are bad and good person are good.. can you think in different way???? LET we digest it.... :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Lola  a happy girl always bring joy to the family. She live with a brother and a sister. Lola is handycap person but with full of vision. in age of 5 she won 1st place colouring contest, and every year she will be the1st place in her class. she so independence and hardworking girl. Lola didnt use her outfit to get any symphaty. for her, God gave always with a good reason. Lola a wonderful girl.

Grow up with brother and sister which the parent was passed away during the car excident when Lola in age of 3. Its a good when Lola have a good aunt and uncle which take care them, but the happiness not always around. once she is 5 her aunt and uncle also passes away, also cos of excident. By then her brother name Johan take over everything. Although they are coming from a rich and wealthy family but Lola didnt use to it. They live in simple and healthy live style.

Lola, who love to play chess and cross puzzlle always dreaming that one day she will be a successful magazine editor in KL. Women weekly.. in age of 30.

BY then begin a story for LOLA......

"Hi abang... how are you"? Lola starting the conversation with her brother Johan.
Johan a straight forward and very comited in his job looking to Lola and waiting his sister to start the conversation.

"Yes dear, what i can do for you?" Johan reply without look at Lola.

"Abang Iam looking for some freelance job which I can use all my writing skill".
"I bosan la. My friend semua doing parttime job while they are waiting for their result".

"Dear, should you or shouldn't you?" I am really find out that without it you can expand your wing rite?" a kiss to her dahi... Johan a loving brother and very full of vision person. He is an CFO for on of famous station tv....

by then LOLA think it in more then twice time... LOLA.. alone again... see next episode....

Friday, March 18, 2011


Live by your own light
Shine by your own star
Do what you always love
Be enthusiastic about life and want all you can get out of it
Refuse to worry
Live now, rather than in past or the future
Know how to laugh and create laughter
Be creative and aggressively curious
Search for more to learn each and every moment
Do not be afraid to fail
Risk more to achieve more
Appreciate yourself and your own uniqueness
Never feel threaten
Do things that make people’s life more pleasant or tolerable
Brighten your world with friendships and love

My eldest BLOG BLOCK n I cant remember my password edi :)

````` REASON.... previous blog block by admin...

``````````y??? I cant answer...

```` so now... here I come... new blog :)

His birthday around the corner

.... While his birthday around the corner, he already plan everything in such a good way... change here n there... Mommy also already know about fullfill his wishes...

"Dear son... this is your 6th years birthday.. do prepare n make a wish as usual every year your wish will come true"

Mommy so proud of me liao.. she try harder to fulfill my wish. n mommy always hoping that I will be a good son. I hope yes.. :) but only God/Allah will know.

Mommy is single mother who love me so much. mommy never turn down me... give me enough food, good services and travel a lot with me :) love u mommy...

my birthday will coming next month but mommy already prepare everything. Love u mommy... muahhh